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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Don't Tell My Mother...


I decided to celebrate my love for travel with a new ink -- this is Ganesha, the deity of wisdom in Hinduism. It is only proper to put it on my foot, because being a wanderer and BRATpacker has enriched my mind and brought me wisdom!

Below is the original design by sophiabaughan:

And this is the revised design made by my tattoo artist, Juanlou Enconcado (he also did my first tattoo):

I should have researched better before getting it, because apparently, the foot is one of the worst parts to get a tattoo! I tried distracting myself by watching a movie, but it only sounded gibberish. I was writhing in pain, but I tried not to move excessively or else my tattoo would be busted. The pinky toe was the worst: if only I could will myself to faint, I already did! But I guess the pain is part of the process, because after the gruelling 3-hour session, I was so proud I survived my second ink! Cheers for tats! :)


Thanks, @gayepinaytraveljunkie:disqus! More to come haha ;)

That is one cool tattoo! Worth the pain huh? ;)

Thank you, @micamyxsenyorita:disqus :)

Definitely @Excursionista:disqus! I'm already looking for a concept design for my other foot :p

Nice tat, but very disrespectful to have it on the foot

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