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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Sun, Sea, Sand and CATS: Seaside Travellers Inn

I love cats. I adore them. I'd go crazy if I am not living with one, but then again, I am already going crazy living with two wonderfully mischievous kitties, Qish and Rue.

Whenever I travel, I always have someone stay with them. If it's just a weekend trip, I hire a catsitter. If it's a week-long trip or longer, I ask my mom who lives in Oriental Mindoro to come to my apartment in Mandaluyong and care for them. She does so well in her job that whenever I come home, my cats are fat, spoiled beasts who would, by then, prefer asking food from my mom.

The hardest part for me when I am away is missing these sweet babies. So I taught my mom how to Skype and Whatsapp so I can see my cats all the time. You can imagine how happy I was when I got to my accommodation in Kota Kinabalu: Seaside Travellers Inn.

I read good reviews about this place on Trip Advisor. But nowhere did I read that it is such a paradise for cat lovers! It's teeming with herds of sweet, cuddly, friendly felines! I must be in heaven!

My room was big, a little tired but still homey. The staff was also very helpful and friendly. This place has so much character that I'd rather stay here than in a 5-star hotel.

The place has a restaurant by the sea, which serves good meals at friendly prices. I love having breakfast here -- they serve simple continental fare (bread with homemade jam, butter, coffee, tea and fruits), but the feeling of eating your meal slowly as you stare into the commanding view of the sea and nearby islands is truly a moment to cherish. 

Sunrise is beautiful:

As well as the sunset:

The beach is not exactly clean, and there's a warning about jellyfish but if you really want to swim, there's an outdoor pool. There are also benches by the sea, and this is my favorite spot:

The resort provides free wifi, and you can access it from virtually all corners. Now for the BEST FEATURE: kitties everywhere! There's one that looks like my Siamese, Qish, and another that looks like Rue in black and white. And she was my best friend there! Seriously, I hardly missed my cats because these kitties took good care of me!

There were a LOT MORE kitties, but I wasn't able to take photos of everyone.

Seaside Travelllers Inn is about 20-30 minutes from Kota Kinabalu City. It is located in Kinarut, and can be reached by getting a cab (RM50) or getting on a Mini-Bus (RM3). Mini-bus trips from Kinarut to KK are frequent, and you can just wait at the main road outside the resort. From KK, get to the bus terminal in Wawasan Plaza and board the mini-bus from there. By the way, it may be called a mini-bus, or bas mini, but it actually is just an L300 van (or something that resembles it).

The owner, James Ong, is very nice and pleasant to talk to. Here are their contact details:

Seaside Travellers Inn
Km. 20 Kota Kinabalu/Papar Road
Kampung Laut, Kinarut 89600
Papar, Sabah, Malaysia


Lucky you, to find a place where there are friendly cats! Most of the ones I saw in Europe were mataray hehe. For me, I have 3-5 cats (just lost one today due to disease :( ) depending on how many go home to sleep hehe. Usually it's just 3 of them in the house (2 na lang now). One looks like Rue in coloring and the other is all white. When I travel, I pay my neighbor to feed them in my yard, so you can imagine my expenses when I'm away for a long time!

This is awesome! and you're cats are very lovely! specially that brown one... :D

Thank you! I really enjoyed the place :)

OMG sorry for the super late reply! Yeah, for short trips, I hire a trusted catsitter and give her allowance, plus I monitor pa every now and then if they are eating, or if anyone is vomiting or making some mischief. But for longer trips, I make my mom come over from Mindoro. She loves my cats so she actually enjoys taking care of them :)

Thank you for this nice page! I was in April there (it seems, in the same room: number 5?)

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