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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Kota Kinabalu, Here I Am!

I am finally in Kota Kinabalu! I am meeting the group I am climbing with for the first time tomorrow. I can't wait to see the summit of Mt. Kinabalu.

I am staying in a resort far away from the city, just to chill before the climb. I took the public transport and did a walking tour of Kota Kinabalu with just a city map, all by myself!

A local guy creeped me out, though. As I was walking up the Signal Hill Observatory, he talked to me and walked with me. I noticed that he was eyeing me while I was taking photos, so I tried to avoid him when I saw him in the shortcut pathway with a thick bush (I was advised not to take this as it was dangerous). When he disappeared, I continued walking back to the city but he emerged again as I was walking past the pathway. He insisted that he will take me back to the city. I went back, walked fast, and waited for a cab instead. So much for just walking around!

So I asked the cab driver to take me to the City Mosque. He quoted me an expensive price but I had no choice because I wanted to get away from the creepy guy, and vacant taxi was too few in that area. 

Here's the City Mosque (photos taken with an iPhone 4S):

And here's the sunset from my resort:

More photos soon from my Canon!


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