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Monday, May 7, 2012

Something Fishy!

I've always wanted a fisheye lens, but the cost is too prohibitive for something that I won't get to use everyday. So when I saw a third party fisheye lens that sells for less than $400, I knew it's time to take one home. 

Samyang 8mm Fisheye Lens
P17,000 || Filters Exchange

I read a lot of online reviews on Samyang Fisheye 8mm lens, and all I found were praises for this glass. Here are my sample shots:

first shot: Filters Exchange store
view from my balcony
Whoah! The world is round!
starburst <3

The colors turned out vibrant, especially the sky. It is a manual lens, so you have to adjust the aperture manually. Filters won't fit, and there is no filter slot at the back of the lens. It is well-built, although the lens cap and the lens hood have that cheap plastic feel. But it doesn't matter. It is still a great lens, and I love it! Even my kitties approve of it! :)

Curious Rue

Qish looks like a dawg!

I can't wait to test it on my next travel <3


wow, cool lens! love the effect especially on the landscape pics. wala na bang mas mura pa dyan? hehe

 @vin : Hehe, mura na yan! Ang mahal ng Canon na fisheye, or even Nikkor (Nikon) -- nasa P50-60K! :((

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