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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

See you, Kinabalu!

I am anxiously waiting for August, because it's finally happening. See you in three months, Mt. Kinabalu!

Image Source
Image Source

I am joining an international Mt. Kinabalu Expedition Climb by Coalition Duchenne to raise global awareness on Duchenne muscular distrophy, a debilitating and fatal illness that affects boys. Info from the organization's website:
It occurs in 1 in 3,500 male births, across all races, cultures and countries. It can happen to anyone. Duchenne is caused by a defect in the gene that codes for the protein dystrophin. Dystrophin is a vital protein that helps connect the muscle fiber to the cell membranes. Without dystrophin the muscle cells become unstable, are weakened and lose their functionality.
Read more info about this disease HERE.

If you are interested to join the climb or would like to inquire about the available slots and cost, you may send an inquiry to Cath HERE. It is a 3D/2N package that covers all expenses related to the climb. It is for sure a great feeling to finally climb this beautiful mountain, but everything will be more worthwhile because you are supporting a cause :)


I'm backpacking Malaysia from August 20-26 (mostly mainland)! We could meet if ever. :)

Oh, yay, Excursionista ! I might be going to the mainland but baka Sept. 1 onwards pa. I will be going around Borneo (Miri, Kuching) Aug. 27-Sept. 1 so let me know baka we can meet on the road :) The climb is on Aug. 24-26.

Aww sayang! Nothing concrete yet but my planned route is KL-Penang-Melaka (originally planning to fly to Bali if I find cheap fares) but if not, I'll go to Pulau Tioman instead

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