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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Colors of Singapore 3: Heights, Lights and Sights

Travel Date: August 19-22, 2011

In the Colors of Singapore series, I try to show the faces of Singapore in quirky colors and funky look with the help of my iPhone 4 and LemeLeme app. I miss my DSLR, alright, but this little app just delivers some great, dramatic shots!

What Singapore lacks in natural wonders, it surely makes up for with its buildings in dizzying heights, attractive night lights and beautiful architecture.

At the 66th

I stayed at my expat friend's posh 1-bedroom apartment condo in the middle of Singapore's financial district. Peeking outside his floor-to-ceiling glass wall, I felt closer to heaven at the 66th floor. This is the tallest residential condo building in Singapore, built on reclaimed land.

Jungle in the City

As a nature adventure seeker, I found out that Singapore has a nature park in the middle of the city. We headed to Mt. Faber Park in Bukit Timah, only to realize that this trip is not entirely a commune with nature -- what with elevated walkways in the middle of the forest. Despite the disappointment, the views from Singapore's highest pedestrian bridge, Henderson Waves (more on this adventure in a separate post later), are still a pleasant surprise.

at the Henderson Waves, highest pedestrian bridge in Singapore
Jungle in the City?
Or City in the Jungle?

Marina, Marina

Perhaps the most animated, most colorful and most innovative district in Singapore is Marina Bay. I never grew tired marveling at the architecture of the buildings in this area, particularly Marina Bay Sands. Esplanade (that durian-like structure) is no longer the signature architecture in Singapore, Marina Bay Sands is -- with its three towers supporting a massive ship-like structure. Around it are some more interesting structures, such as the Singapore Flyer, Helix Bridge, ArtScience Museum and the still-under-construction Gardens by the Bay.

Marina Bay Sands

from afar
view from Helix Bridge

view from Helix Bridge

View from Marina Bay Sands Pool Area

view from the infinity pool
palm trees among skyscrapers

Foreground: ArtScience Museum
Background: Esplanade, Singapore cityscape
ongoing construction of Gardens by the Bay
ongoing construction of Gardens by the Bay

Helix Bridge and Singapore Flyer

Marina Bay at Sunrise

under the Helix Bridge



Sana makabalik uli sa singapore... Ang ganda at ang linis....

Ah, yes, super linis! And they're super efficient in cleaning the streets, I saw them with a machine that sweeps the ground.

I will, @edcd46b1eaf8ebd5711918ed60e1c5b2 ! Thanks so much for your hospitality! And for sharing your super posh flat :) I will write about it soon, I took a lot of photos! I love The Sail :)

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