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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Colors of Singapore 2: Taste of Marche

Travel Date: August 19-22, 2011

In the Colors of Singapore series, I try to show the faces of Singapore in quirky colors and funky look with the help of my iPhone 4 and LemeLeme app. I miss my DSLR, alright, but this little app just delivers some great, dramatic shots!

Singapore is known for its culinary wonders. Among my favorite hawker finds are Cereal Prawns, Satay, Hainanese Chicken, Nasi Goreng, and Iced Kachang. Oh, and how can I forget my beloved Kaya Toast dipped in that golden glimmer of soft-boiled egg?

But this post is not about those glorious hawker food. This is about that gem of a Swiss restaurant called Marche.

Tucked on one side of Harbourfront Walk in Vivo City, it resembles an organized market where you get your fresh picks of the day. Upon entry, you are given a card (like a credit/ATM card) that is swiped everytime you order from the food stations -- salad, dessert, bread, roasted, rosti, drinks, etc. If the food is readily available, you get it right away. If not, like in the case of rosti or crepes, you choose your meal, give your card to be swiped, then wait in line while the food is being prepared. I wish I had tried the traditional Swiss food rosti (a meal of shredded potatoes served like a pancake) but I was too full to have one. 

What's good about this restaurant is the availability of fresh food, and the ease of choosing your meal as most of them are laid before your eyes. The thought of having all your orders "saved" in the card is just novel (although, correct me if I'm wrong, I think we used to have this kind of system in Manila in Streetlife Glorietta 4, right?). Upon exit, you surrender the card, and pay for whatever is recorded in it.

I wanted to take more photos, but there was a note on the wall that says photography is not allowed. So I did my best to snap some, paparazzi style!

Salad Bar -- market style

view of the Harbourfront Walk from our table
oh-so-juicy roasted chicken!
for sharing
strawberry panna cotta -- YUM!


we also get to eat here during our stay in Singapore last June..and the best part of it is libre lahat!:p Sobrang panalo ung ribeye steak. Napagalitan nga lang ako nong nandyan ako dahil kinukunan ko ng

Ako rin nilibre ng friend ko :p I would love to take photos of the setup, the furniture, etc. Sayang they don't allow it :(

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