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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Colors of Singapore 1: Up in the Air!

Travel Date: August 19-22, 2011

In the Colors of Singapore series, I try to show the faces of Singapore in quirky colors and funky look with the help of my iPhone 4 and LemeLeme app. I miss my DSLR, alright, but this little app just delivers some great, dramatic shots!

I've been to Singapore a few times, but I never really saw the beauty of this little city in my previous trips. I used to regard it as a travel hub to go to other countries, a convenient place to meet with friends working there, a meticulously kept business venue -- but never a place to enjoy. So on this trip, I decided to ditch an itinerary and enjoy the city as it unfolds its beauty.

Anticipating a great time, I loved the great weather from up above! Enjoy, lah!

Do you recognize that island in the middle of the lake?

That's Taal Volcano!

little cotton balls



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