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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What's In My Pulag Pack?

Climb Date: May 14-15, 2011

All of these:

I figured I should invest in good things on my first major climb (since I want to get serious with mountaineering, anyway). I don't have much hiking stuff, really, except for my TNF Bandwidth 30L pack and TNF trail running shoes which I used in my Mt. Pico de Loro and Mt. Pinatubo climbs.

So off I went to ROX in Bonifacio High Street (BHS) and Conquer in Robinsons Pioneer.

ROX has been my go-to store whenever I need outdoor things. It's not called Recreational Outdoor Exchange for nothing. Its 3-level huge store in BHS caters to enthusiasts of major outdoor sports such us mountaineering, running, cycling, and even kayaking. I'm sure they have more products for other sports, so do check them out. They carry big names such us The North Face, Deuter, Columbia, Eagle Creek, Nathan, Salomon, and a lot more. One good thing I love about ROX is their customer service. I sent them an email, inquiring about Deuter ACT Lite 45+10 SL in pine/moss. Unfortunately it's not available in that color in their store, so they tried to look for one. However, only one stock remains and its located in Clark. When I went to pick up the pack in gray/black color, Eymard was there to help me and he provided excellent assistance. He adjusted my pack to my torso, and made sure I was happy with the product without rushing me to buy it. I'm sure you've felt that before while shopping in a department store -- when you're trying on something, the salesperson would tell you, "Ma'am okay na ho yan." or "Ma'am pwede na yan." -- only because they're rushing to make a sale. But it was not the case in ROX. Eymard took time to explain the different features of the product, and even helped me pick other products for my climb. I stayed in the store for more than two hours, and I was a very happy shopper.

Conquer is a store that sells locally manufactured mountaineering products. I've seen and sat inside  my friend's Conquer Tadpole Tent in Mt. Pico de Loro, and I liked it. So I decided to get my camping gear from Conquer -- tent, earth pad and sleeping bag, and picked up a few other things, too.

So here's my mountaineering gear so far, shown by category:


Conquer Micra Inner Tent

1. Conquer Micra Tent - P5,400 / US$124
2. Conquer Earth Pad - P270 / US$6.20
3. Conquer Ground Sheet - P490 / US$11.24
4. Conquer Sleeping Bag - P890 / US$20.46
5. iPod Shuffle
6. Generic Cube Speaker
7. Rechargeable Torch from ROX - P200 / US$4.59


1. Fleece Jacket
2. Winter Vest (sleeves removed)
3. Bonnet from Sagada
4. Spongebob Socks
5. The North Face Denali Fleece Gloves - P1,190 / US$27.36


Rue the Cat not included in purchase

1. Deuter ACT Lite 45+10 SL - P6,950 / US$159.44
2. The North Face Roo II (bought in 2010)
3. Polar Insulated Water Bottle - P590 / US$13.55
4. Columbia Omni-Heat Bush Hat - P1,290 / US$29.66
5. Columbia TechSun 2 Trekking Sandals - P2,790 / US$64.16
6. The North Face Women's Momentum II Trail Running Shoes (bought in 2009)
7. Kovea Dream Walk Trekking Pole - P1,570 / US$36.10
8. Conquer Poncho - P550 / US$12.61
9. Assorted Trail Food - Nature Valley, Nova, Lychee Jelly, M&Ms

All these things performed well in Pulag, so now I'm looking forward to my next mountain adventure!


ROX - (02) 85864638 / /
Conquer - (02) 7470726 /   


We're happy that you had a pleasurable experience in our store and that you enjoyed the products that you purchased in R.O.X. :) We hope to see you again there soon! Looking forward to read more of your future blog posts - very informative and helpful for fellow backpackers! Cheers!

Thanks also @twitter-167349900:disqus  for the great shopping experience in your store! You're my top-of-mind choice for outdoor stuff. My first purchase from your store was my TNF trail running shoes back in 2009, then I joined one of your "practice" trail runs (going to the camp near McKinley) after that :)

I'm drooling over your outdoor gear right now, for some reason my love for shoes and bags was already overtaken by my obsession with outdoor and photography gear :)

Hahaha! I realized that women are still women when it comes to shopping -- be it for dresses, shoes, or hobbies. Once upon a time, I was crazy over photography gear, too. Then my DSLR body gave up on me. I still haven't saved up for a new one, and my filters/lenses/accessories are just sleeping in the closet. Hopefully, this year. Sayang ang mga travels na walang DSLR :) I'm currently using a Samsung digicam and my iPhone 4 for my travel photos, but I miss taking long exposure shots! Inggit ako sa Vera Falls mo, @1feba681eb59ff607ef0ca9d3aba9c96:disqus :)

I agree with Claire, envious of your gears! :)

I used to dream for an LV/Prada bag, but now I want TNF and an 18-200mm lense! :)

Hahaha ako rin, @05b1d7aab5f9942d73e7cd87e780df3d:disqus ! And expensive high-heeled/wedge shoes! Priorities are shifting :)

By the way, Deuter (especially the Slim Line, SL, which is specifically made for women) is miles better than a TNF pack. I did a lot of research on this one, and Deuter is just right on the dot in distributing the pack's weight on your hips instead of on the shoulders. SL also has narrower width so it fits your shoulders perfectly. I love my Deuter, but I wish I got it in the color that I wanted (pine/moss)! They were willing to deliver it to ROX, but it would take weeks as the stock is coming from Clark. I couldn't wait anymore :(

awesome stuff! -- even the cat! haha.
I also go to the ROX store and I'm very happy that they have a branch here in Cebu. Even if I don't buy anything, it's such a treat to see different outdoor items being sold. I always tell myself when I eye items that I don't have any budget as of the moment: "May araw ka sakin!" 

Dream ko maakyat Pulag, pero mukhang hanggang dream lang sya til pumayat ako ahehe

That's true. Most of the stuff they sell are expensive, so tama ka, @ef19475b5a2e5c097073a90e1a92ad21 : yung iba, pangarap na lang muna. May araw din sila hehe :)

Kaya yan, @b44b3b12baa93392f75489be7e28f84f ! Ambangeg trail is easy, except that it's long. But you can rest naman along the way :)

HI Joanna! :D

Where can I get Deuter? Is it available at ROX? I know someone selling it online at FB, but Im kinda afraid of online purchases eh :D

Will take your advice for it :D

Hi Tina! Deuter bags are available in ROX, Toby's and other sports shops. I've been to Toby's Galleria and Megamall, but they don't have the SL packs. You can look around, but better get it from ROX because they'll really help you out -- fitting the bag, filling it to maximum capacity, etc. Look for Eymard, he really knows the Deuter products and is very accommodating. I try to avoid online purchases din for medyo mahal na items, or those with knock-offs. Baka kasi hindi pala original yung product, tapos you won't be able to return it na :( Plus Deuter has warranty and it would be very convenient to just drop it off ROX, just in case you'll need to have it repaired :)

would like to ask about your tent. nice blog!

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