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Monday, May 30, 2011

Baguio: Quirky PNKY

Travel Date: May 15, 2011

Baguio is one of my favorite cities in the Philippines. Its cool weather is soothing, the pine scent in the air refreshing, and you never run out of things to do. I have such beautiful, even romantic memories in Baguio that I will forever treasure.

One thing that I never miss whenever I'm in Baguio is to eat in one of the local restaurants. Whether Baguio is my final destination or just passing through, I always allot time for some fancy meal. It's just comforting to be dining in such cool weather, feasting on sumptuous meals and delighting at the vibrant people around.

My visit to Baguio in this particular night was to catch a bus back to Manila after conquering Mt. Pulag. Months ago, I saw a post on Kate's blog about PNKY Cafe, a quirky little place on Leonard Wood Road. That dinner is something that I really had to do, after all the sweat, energy and good vibes I spent on the climb.  

We got to PNKY Cafe a little after dark. It was drizzling, but we decided to stay outside to enjoy the evening chill. 

The place is really quirky with a lot of travel-related knick-knacks, beautiful furnitures and creative vibe.

the main cafe
I ordered the Belgian Frites (PNKY: thick potato wedges served with mayonnaise -- just how the Belgians like it!) and Chicken Spinach Riviera (PNKY: chicken strips, spinach, mushrooms and tofu in white sauce served with rice and vegetables)

Chicken Spinach Riviera with soup, P195 / US$4.50
Rating: 4/5
Rating: 3/5
Belgian Frites, about P120 / US$2.77
Rating: 5/5

My friend had the Schnitzel and Mash (PNKY: breaded pork fillet accompanied by mashed potatoes with parsley and vegetables) and this lovely purple crepe called "Message in a Bottle" (PNKY: purple crepe filled with PNKY's homemade ube/yam topped with whipped cream

Rating: 5/5
The menu is as quirky as the cafe: 

They also have a little shop and a bed and breakfast, where I plan to stay the next time I'm in Baguio.

It was definitely a nice little getaway after two days of hard work in the mountain. The jolly waitress told me that they see a lot of people with big packs, supposedly coming from Mt. Pulag, who dine at PNKY before heading back to Manila. Apparently they are popular among the mountaineers, maybe because of the relaxed atmosphere and great food.

PNKY I will be back! :)



They have the best menu I've ever seen!  =]

What a great way to cap your Mt. Pulag trek - the Belgian fries and purple crepe look calorieficly delicious ;)

They are really very creative! And all their knick knacks are super nice :)

According to my iPhone app, I burned about 1,500 calories from that climb per way. I guess I deserve the highly calorie-fic food? :)

We at PNKY are happy to be of service to you. We're glad that our place and food gave you the needed rest, relaxation and enjoyment during your Baguio visit. Please always drop by when you're in town. We are your home away from home!

Thank you for your good food and warm service! I'll be back soon, @38275722ecd8580488c74cb0d289760d  :)

I've been to baguio just once and I really love it there. especially the night life :)

Oh, yes, and the restaurants! Fresh salads, great-tasting food, chic ambiance, cool weather :)

Oh I love PNKY! Message in a Bottle is my fave among their creative menu. Out of the 5 months we resided in Baguio, we've only been there once :(

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