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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Calaguas: Island Hopping

Travel Date: April 29 - May 1, 2011

Having a rough night and feeling the troves of people arriving on our second day on the island, we decided to hop on a boat and visit three islands.

our boatman casually sleeping on the katig (outrigger)!


This island is a 30 to 40-minute boat ride from Calaguas. The water around the island is pleasantly warm, although the sand is not as fine as the one in Calaguas. What's nice here is the view deck on top of the hill, which presents a nice seascape scenery.

trail to the view deck
Make sure to walk towards the group of rocks in the middle of the sea (see photo below). The water is just neck-high at its highest. Bring/wear your flipflops as the rocks are sharp.



Cumalasan looks like a typical island with white sand but what awaits is a relatively easy hike to the top of the hill for some breathtaking views. 

The trail is covered with tall cogon grass. The initial hike is steep, and bringing a walking stick (I picked up one on the beach) will help you keep your balance. It took us about 30 minutes to get to the top.

And this is the view that greeted us --



By the time we got to Balagbag, we were already exhausted. There's a hill where you can do a short trek (a good 5 minutes) for a view of the sunset, but we opted to just stay on the beach. And this is where our island hopping ended, before heading back to our campsite.

oddly but nicely shaped trees
sunset in Balagbag Island


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love the view from the top, hope to check out the other islands around Calaguas as well, (nice site by the way!)

love the picture with the "oddly odd trees" as capture. super dramatic!

Thanks, I wanna go back there! I love the serene feel of Calaguas.

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