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Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Travel Date: April 15-17, 2011

Tranquil blue-green waters on a rocky landscape dramatically lit by the afternoon sun -- this is the view that I can't get off my mind. It's calm disposition is disturbed by soft ripples created by passing small boats, it's silence occasionally interrupted by echoing chirps of birds and rhythmic swaying of trees. If serenity can be photographed, then Pinacanauan River fits the picture perfectly.

The river is just a few steps away from Callao Cave. We planned on having late lunch by the river, and after choosing our boat, we took a 20-minute boat ride to the secluded part of Pinacanauan. While cruising, our guide pointed to a cave above the rocks, where the locals gather birds' nests for the famous bird's nest soup.  This is also where hordes of bats come out at dusk. We side tripped to a "small falls," which really is just drops of water from way above -- a mockery of a real waterfall, if you may say.

The secluded area has a few tables and benches from where we had our packed lunch. It was beautiful -- the fact that we had the place all to ourselves adds to the calm it brings the spirit. A few of us took a dip in the river after our meal, and it was refreshing especially after getting down and dirty in Callao Cave. You just have to keep your sandals/slippers on, as the river has a rocky bottom.

If there's one place I'd go back to in Cagayan, it would be this river. I'd bring food for a day, find a spot and read a book, write or contemplate about my life. It's just so peaceful and so close to nature, you'll forget about your worries in the city jungle.

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Love the 3rd to the last photo!
Will be reading up on your Isabel posts, haven't been to Isabela eh 

Yay thanks, @b44b3b12baa93392f75489be7e28f84f:disqus ! It's very far, but worth the trip. I'd like to come back for Sierra Cave, which requires some serious spelunking :) 

I'm also enjoying your Baguio series, especially the restaurants! Keep them coming :)

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