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Thursday, February 3, 2011

BRAT What?!

Everyone's familiar with the life of a backpacker -- those who live on a backpack to travel the world for long months, even years. They have the reputation of being grungy, spontaneous, friendly. And, well, cheap. They find the cheapest backpacker's hostel, crash in a 20-people dorm-type accommodation, cook their own food, wear the same shirt for days, and forget to (or intend not to) shower for days. They live a hippie-happy lifestyle.

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While this is still the trend among college or fresh-out-of-university people, a growing number of other travelers follow the backpacker's lifestyle with a little bit of indulgence -- traveling without giving up your basic comfort and chic style. BACKPACKING WITH A LITTLE BIT OF BRAT. They look for budget-friendly accommodation, but don't squeeze themselves in a cramped dorm. They love street food as much as fine dining cuisine. They enjoy budget airlines as much as first class sleeper trains. They travel with a trolley luggage to chic cities, and sport a backpack for rough outdoor adventure. They wear ballerina flats for wandering around, and trekking shoes for serious walks. They are armed with the latest gadgets -- a handsome DSLR, a powerful phone with GPS and wifi, an iPod, and a laptop to sync everything and stay connected with the world.

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But despite the differences, a backpacker and a bratpacker both choose to discover the world. Whatever travel lifestyle you prefer, the most important thing is you take all the beauty in -- it doesn't matter if it's a crowded street, an exotic tradition, a quiet culture or a scenic landscape. Life is too short to lose the moment, so make sure you make time to learn the ways of the world -- there is just too much to absorb!

at the summit of Pico de Loro, Philippines
January 2011
trek to Mt. Pinatubo, Philippines
February 2011


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