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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sagada: Trekkin' and Fall(s)in'

Travel Date: March 8-10, 2009
Bomod-ok Falls, Bokong Falls, Underground River,
Lake Danum, St. Mary's Church, St. Theodore's Hospital

Going around Sagada is never a walk in the park. If the guide tells you that you'll be there in an hour, multiply it by two, or three at times. Then imagine climbing rocks and scaling mountains. Only then will you get the perfect picture. I even told my guide that you will never get anywhere majestic in Sagada without working hard for it.

The trek to Bomod-ok Falls (big falls) is one that requires you to trek down big steps, walk on rice terraces, and balance between falling off and saving yourself. But it was all worth it.

trekking through rice terraces

majestic Bomod-ok Falls

Bokong Falls is a small falls that can be reached with relative ease, and so are the Underground River and Lake Danum. But they still require a lot of energy from going down and climbing up the trails.

Underground River

tsk, tsk -- look at that graffiti inside the Underground River!

Lake Danum -- nothing much to see, really except...

...for some grazing cows

cemetery on a hill

St. Mary's Church

inside the Episcopal church


Such a professional photographer you are, Ms. BratPacker! I could feel the ambiance and the serene natural composure of Sagada. I wish I could swim through the waters of Bomod-ok Falls... I'll go there someday!

Thanks Neil! It's fun to travel...I'm sure in the future you'll enjoy it, too! :)

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