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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sagada: Gettin' There

I know of three ways to get to Sagada, and I have tried two:


11:00 pm - Take a bus bound for Baguio at Victory Liner terminal (Cubao or Pasay). If you take the deluxe bus (12:15 am trip), you will get to Baguio before 5:00 am
5:00 am - ETA Baguio, hail a cab to Dangwa terminal (Lizardo Bus Line)
6:15 am - first trip to Sagada via Lizardo Bus
11:45 am - ETA Sagada

I personally like this route, especially if you take the deluxe bus of Victory Liner. The seats are extra comfortable, you'll get a good night's rest even if you are on the road. There are no aircon buses coming from Baguio to Sagada, but the trip is still comfortable, albeit a bit nauseous -- especially that you get an amazing view of the mountains along the way. It's a 6-hour or so trip of zigzag.


10:00 pm - Take a bus bound for Bontoc at Cable Tours terminal, E. Rodriguez Ave. (across Trinity College)
11:00 am - ETA Bontoc, ride a jeepney going to Sagada
12:00 nn - ETA Sagada

I dislike this route because I find the bus too cramped with too little leg room (and I am not even a tall person!). I took the bus going back to Manila, and it was anything but pleasant. The trip was too long, the seat uncomfortable, and even if it's air-conditioned, I hardly slept. My legs were swollen when I got to Manila because of poor blood circulation; again, because the leg room was too small!



along Halsema Highway

along Halsema Highway


We almost have the same photo cover o:

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